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Of Flesh and Blood

Listening to Sarah McLachlan or Sheryl Crow
A stimulus such as music
I open to let the wave of raw energy
Of unfiltered emotion
Hit me full force
And with a mighty thud
I land undamaged
In a moment of ecstasy
Fully present
Heavy and dense
Descending from the world of spirit
In a process otherwise known as incarnation
Becoming flesh and blood
From Sky to Earth
To the Land of Eden
Our birth rite
Descending into Water
Deeper and deeper
As the light becomes more and more obscure
Letting my eyes close
Re-entering the still waters of the first life on Earth
Cells growing in fluid
Floating while tethered to Mother Earth
Like those creatures who learn to see
Without eyes in the blackened darkness of the ocean depths.
Becoming more and more dense,
I am flesh and blood
Renouncing the spirituality into which I would escape
Instead embracing the density of this incarnation,
the intense emotional state of human experience
Rejecting the notion of rising above problems,
instead of dealing with them
allowing this life to become my life
no longer waiting but being
. . .The Power of Now
Learning to speak to people
To see them as human beings
Understanding what that means
Understanding that it is all about the frequency of my interaction with you

I am you.

Beholding you
Your mystery
As if for the first time
In awe at the entire you
The whole of who and what you are
Your hopes and dreams
Your hidden aspirations and inner workings
Your friends, family, partners, lovers, children
Born or unborn
Who you are now, have been and are yet to be
How it all weaves together
The common thread connecting every human being on this planet
Every life form,
Every animate and inanimate object
Allowing this awareness to embody all that I am
All that you are
All that is.


Early morning, Jan 14, 2016, Wakefield

From the series “The Prophet Speaks”