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See that every part of you is perfect
Every emotion
Every desire
Every feeling
Every part of your body
Experience the utter joy of that knowing
Of basking in the amazing beauty of you
Of your spirit, your soul, mind and body
You are beautiful, precious, unique.
Allow yourself to be exactly as you are in this moment
And as this joy permeates everything
Surrender to it
To its life transforming force
Allowing anything that you have squashed or stomped down inside you to emerge and be celebrated
That your life force may be whole and complete
That it may swirl and flow and dance and sing
And paint and create and make music
And love with the love
That is the most beautiful and powerful force in the entire universe and beyond
Letting that love touch you on the forehead and transform your entire being
Melting the frozen parts of you
Welcoming you home
To who and what you are
Blessed be!
You are beautiful
Beautiful you are created
Created to be who and what you are
Created to bring love into the world through your being.
Emerge from hiding
Expand inward to the place of all-knowing
Allowing all parts of the essence of who you truly are to be here in this moment
Here with you now
Blessed be.
I am.
Wed. June 8 2016. 6 am Wakefield
Inspired by “the Mystery of Love” by Marc Gafni


I have a confession to make . . . .
I write poetry
Early in the morning
When no one is around
When everyone is sleeping

I like to explore
The hidden parts of my soul
When no one can see me cry
Where no one will ask “What’s wrong?”

In these moments
My soul feels so free
So happy
So full of life

In this calm quiet peaceful place
I am free of all my fears
Of what you would think of me
If you knew
How different I am

If I could show you
My deep dark secrets
My faults and imperfections
All that about which I am ashamed
Wish were different
If I could step forth
If only I could change
All of those parts of me
That cause you pain

Open to allow the force of creation
To fill me
Flow inside me
Breathe it in
Feel the rapture
Feel earth and sky merge and become one
Every cry be heard
Longing met
Heart filled with joy
Soul with love
Feel forgiven
For being different
Different from whom I am supposed to be
To please others, parents, bosses, family
For being who I am

In this place of bathing in the Creator’s
Unconditional love
Which surrounds us all
Right now
As I write
As you read
I am open to allow this
Love to enter me
By saying yes
And allowing it to fill me
Say yes
Allow it to enter
Like a golden beam of light
Feel it flow into the top of my head
Slowly down into every cell
Descending throughout my entire body
Washing me clean
I am yours [insert your name]
I am the one I was created to be
I am the wind that blows inside my heart and soul
That calls me forth
To emerge from the hidden place
To go forth into the world
To find you
You who are always here
Beside me
Inside me
All around me.
I am.
April 28, 5 am Wakefield