There is power in a teaching, a teaching that can move the Soul, draw one outside of their way of thinking or seeing the world; there are thoughts that can lead one to inside themselves where true knowledge resides, where love reigns eternal, where life is sweet, where the precious beauty of the flower of the Soul blossoms and fills us with joy and wonder. A teaching can do all those things, for it is an arrow pointing to what is there for you to see, waiting for you to look inside and behold it. Neither the teaching nor the teacher are to be worshiped or seen as the way, lest they become the focus and the way be hidden or lost from view.  Seek not the teaching nor the teacher. There are many teachers and many teachings. You will know the fruit of the teaching by its taste and whether it leads you inside towards others, or if it leads you to the teacher or teaching itself as the source of life or truth or love and acceptance. The teacher and the teaching are only sign posts showing a path on your journey inward into the world, to the place behind the mind, where the infinite power of love reigns eternal, where there are no limitations, where your life becomes a blessing, to yourself and to the world. Blessings upon you, today and always.

Sunday September 11, 2016


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