A Song of Solomon

You said you are filled with so much anger
I imagined what it would be like to be with you without that anger
To be without that in me that is scared of that anger, that hides from it, looks away
Refuses to acknowledge it and my response to it
And as I imagined this tears came to my eyes and a smile softened my face
And I asked myself
What if?
What if it were possible for me to live without this reaction?
What would that be like?
How would my life be different without that reaction?

I lost myself in that question, and rested in it, the question having led me to that imperturbable place behind the mind where time stops and flow begins . .  .

And as I asked this question of “what if” in this way the healing began,
I could feel the shift happening
For with the shift I began to be filled with love instead
Being healed from whatever I was doing, my role in perpetuating your anger,
And hope began to dawn and fill my day with light.
Yes! You are beautiful, and precious and worthy of all the good things that life has to offer!
And so our journeys are intertwined – your journey becomes my journey
As I see that how I perceive you, or what I perceive in you predicts or even defines
The tone and quality of each interaction
Each opportunity to feel and show my love for you
To call forth my true nature from self-imposed exile
To incarnate in my life the image of myself living in this way
As I imagine how this way of living would feel
To see you exactly as you are
Everything about you
Without feeling any need for you to be different
Because your true nature is that of love and goodness / splendour
And by looking at your true nature
Through this change it brings in me
I become more loving
And any negative feelings and life stealing reactions
Of disapproval and resistance subside and fade
As I imagine how my life would be different without that in me.
And I feel the glow of that new way of being permeate every cell of my body

So rejoice with me for we are one
Let us open our hearts to let love burst forth
Emerging from the hidden depths inside us
This place unknown even to ourselves
Imagining looking deeply into it,
Into the well of our own beauty
And seeing deeper and deeper
To the very bottom
And then farther still
To past the dark layer and passing through that until there is only love
An ocean of love connecting all things
And each and every one of us
Oh! How it feels to see this love and be connected to it
Oh how that is all there is!

Blessings be upon you, today and always
World without end

September 26, 2016


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