Archive | September 2016


The heavens inside me open
allowing me to see clearly
with the eyes of love
love, which is our true nature
which sees the minutest detail
a microscope
with which everything can be seen
from which nothing is hidden
from which nothing needs to be hidden
because the more clearly I truly see
the more I love
for I cannot help but love the one I behold in this manner
seeing their true nature, their essence, their Soul
that which is eternal in them.

And so I now understand
that when I stopped seeing or rather stopped allowing myself to see,
in that moment I stopped the flow of love inside me
closing myself off from the most beautiful precious force in the whole universe
what people call God
what people look for outside themselves
but which is not found there
for it is here
in this moment
inside us
in the power of now.

I acknowledge my pain
a life time of feelings of helplessness
For acknowledging is the means through which trauma is healed,
through which I can allow myself to let my eyes see again
(for they are made for seeing)
so that the flow of love can be restored
inside me and through me
and from me
to you
and to the world
that I am.

Herein lies the answer to all the suffering
for in this act of acknowledgement
there is such warmth and acceptance . . .
it is ok to cry, to have been hurt and broken and filled with despair
it is ok to have failed and been foolish and made any number of countless mistakes
those mistakes which have tormented me throughout my entire life . . .
and in this spirit of beholding without judgement or condemnation
of looking with the microscope that love is and seeing everything,
then the pain, the hurt, the trauma
can flow and swirl like the genie coming out of the bottle,
and once freed from this bottle
(the prison into which I had made my heart)
I am no longer cut off, being able to give and receive all that is needed for life and living.

Come, oh loving child that you are, that I am
I will open my heart
and acknowledge everything that yearns to be acknowledged
I will see with the eyes of love
– seeing everything
– seeing beyond that which only fear perceives
– seeing through to the true essence, the devine
– seeing everything until the flow of love is restored
until I realise that you, me, everyone and everything when perceived in this way
are all perfect, whole and complete
because that is our true nature
that all the imperfections are only perceptions
obscuring my vision
from seeing the divine inside us, behind the veil.

that is it.

Peace and love and blessings to each and every one of you.


Sept. 1, 2016. 6 am. Wakefield