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Whose Life is it Anyway?

Sink or swim
You leave it up to us
But you know we will fail and fail again
Being human

Why don’t you save us?
Why do you make it so hard?
So much torment
So much suffering . . .
Giving us heroes like Robin Williams
Inspirations larger than life
Only to watch him take his own life

Why do you so punish humanity?
Leaving us to flounder

What do you say to me Creator?

Oh you who are both Mighty and Little,
Listen to me.
You want many things
You want Love and Meaning
You want to reach out your hands to divide the waters
To make dry land to walk across
You want to walk on water and be powerful as a God
You want to unlock all the mysteries of creation,
Including why you are here

You want to change everything that is not as it should be

In short, you want to be God, being made in God’s image

But you are impatient
And stubborn
You do not want to ask for help
You want to be allowed to make your own mistakes
To follow your own star
Without being told what to do or how to do it

You know that you will get there eventually
You were born with this knowing

And though your heart rages against me
You would have it no other way

For you are a free people
Free to choose bondage and suffering for yourselves.

But Creator why?
Why don’t you tell us / show us / send someone?
Help us see what we need to see
Heal us and take away our pain?
Isn’t that the role of the prophets you sent and keep sending?
Why then don’t we listen?
Why don’t we heed your voice?

My voice is the whole of Creation
I have shown you who I am and how to connect to me
To hear my voice
To listen to me
You have worked hard to clear the layers that separate us
And with every layer cleared I become closer to you
More real
More present

But don’t you have the power to make this easier?
For less suffering?

Feel my love
See my smile
Know that your world is the one that you have created
Your creation is not mine to change
You, being a God, have infinite power
Your world will not change until you decide to change it
That was the choice I made when I gave you the power
It is eternity that I see
This time is like that of an infant becoming a child and growing into a man or woman
You must learn to crawl before you walk and run
Is it bad to fall?
Of course not.
When a child falls
They learn to get back up again.
How else could they learn that?
If I told you that you were in school to become God
Would that change how you felt about this curriculum
that seems so hard?
Will you allow the faith and hope that comes from knowing
that everyone will graduate from this Godschool,
That no one will be left behind?

Do you see how linear time
Becomes the Eternal Now
In which past and future disappear
Along with the suffering they imbue

Would you like to know what it feels like to live without suffering, that it is safe to, that you are allowed to, that you deserve to?
Would you like to know what it feels like to believe that we will all get there eventually?
(I watch as Creator downloads these feelings, this knowing into me, into you, on every level, into every cell of our bodies, for our highest and best)
Oh Creator!
Thank you for speaking to me
For sharing your wisdom with me
Thank you for the beauty in people and in this world
Thank you for revealing the mystery of who and what I am.

Show me the role you would have me play
Fill me with joy and passion for life
With wonder and openness.
Let me walk the road that is before me
I see it now
It is straight and true
It has no beginning and no end
Being eternal
As you are
As I am
As we all are.
7 am Winterburne, Ontario. Dec. 23, 2015


10 minutes of ecstasy to change the world

I open myself Creator
To see
To feel
your loving smile
upon me
upon my face
to allow the emotion of it
to flow through my entire being
10 minutes of ecstasy to change the world
to change me
and my perception of who and what I am
allowing the altered state
to permeate into the core of my existence
letting me be me
and you be you
letting Creator be the one to save the world
having been released from the yoke of misunderstanding
freeing me to love and accept all that is
to sing
to praise
to worship
to open my arms
feeling Creator’s unconditional love flowing into every cell of my body
through me and to all that is
feeling my connection to Earth, so strong, so rooted
simultaneously flying through time and space
observing the invocation of Creator’s blessing
as one year ends and another begins
this is a time of love and oneness
of hope and reconciliation
a time to shed that which is obsolete
a time for rebirth
to rise from the ashes
to be holy
to emerge from slumber, from waiting
for metamorphosis, the next evolutionary leap
Blessings be upon you, all of you
Hear the words that Creator speaks to you in your heart
Blessed be.

Dec 16, 2015 6 am