Archive | November 2015


I bathed in the river today
it finally becoming clear
the feeling that was always there at some level
feeling FORLORN
an exile

As I felt the waters swirl around me
and through me
I knew in that moment what it was . . .
I was missing HOME.

I let Creator comfort me
And hold me
And tell me everything will be all right.

Receiving the cloak of power being draped across my arms
as I hold them out to accept this gift

Seeing the brooch of the peacock’s feather
blazing on my right shoulder
for the eye which has been opened to see
bringing the honour and glory of the inner realm into this existence
an emissary finally accepting being in a foreign land
moving from FORLORN to beloved
from that of HOME being “there”
allowing myself to be healed
to dance
with the pace of perfection
the pace of love.

Thank you for the roles you played in this
for opening yourselves
for believing in me
seeing past my resistance
and witnessing my healing
ascension on earth

May the love that created all things descend upon you
and bless you
and heal you
and fill all things.

I am.

Nov. 24, 2015, Wakefield

And there were emissaries of the true light sent to all the corners of  every world, each one dearly beloved, each one entrusted with a mission, with the full authority of the one who commissioned them.  They enter their world by incarnating. And when they are ready, when the moment is ripe, they are called, the hand being placed on their shoulder to awaken them from their sleep and they arise and begin their work, the work for which they came, for which you have come. Know that you never really left your home, that your home is here in this moment, that it is like a layer permeating all the dimensions of time and space, that the inner and outer realm are one, that the same energy embodies the entirety of all that is.  I bow my head in prayer, my heart worships, sings praises and laughs as I allow myself to embody the mystery of this world in which I find myself, the mystery of creation.

And now I witness the love descending upon the entire world, upon all the worlds. Thank you for this most precious gift. I am home.

6 am Nov 24, 2015. Wakefield. After the Digging Deeper workshop