To you my friend

To you my friend

To you I write this poem

I have seen the suffering in your heart

The brokenness in your soul

I have felt your grief, longing and regret

How it colours every moment of your waking

And the trauma of your dreams at night

As I behold you with love

Without judgement

I see your higher self

Ready to move forward

Beyond the pain and suffering

To know what it feels like

To let joy into your life;

That you are allowed to

That it is safe to

That you deserve to.

That you can step forth into a new life

where you are welcomed with open arms

Tears of joy

To behold you

Whole and complete

Having turned the corner

Passed through the raging seas

Through the time when all hope was lost

And death the only one who did not leave

But death, you who come for all of us

Have no mal intent

You are but a door

From one plane to another

A veil

An illusion we are taught to believe in

As everyone I have ever loved is

Either here or there or both

Sending or being sent

All that is needed in this moment

Through the love of the Creator

Blessings upon you

Today and always

Know the love of the Creator Is real

Is always present

Is waiting for you to open your heart

To receive it.

Now, in this moment

Now, as your breath enters your body.


May 16, 2015  7:30 am


One response to “To you my friend”

  1. Pat says :

    Beautifully written !

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