After the passing

 – To anyone who has ever grieved

There is peace now

Mike: how I loved you

How part of me died with your passing

The loss

Of everything you represented

The pain I saw

In your father’s heart

Your family

Your girlfriend who I never met

I remember her tears and brokenness

I remembered my judgement against you

For dying

For leaving so many behind


Mike: so many memories

From a time that could never end

The invincible time of youth

When nothing can stop us

Where the incredible bond we shared

Could overcome any obstacle

Any barrier

And how all that ended

When you died.


Mike: today I spoke with you

I saw you pass to Creator’s light

I saw the incredible beauty

Of your like on earth

I saw how that was

how much life

You had been been given

I celebrated that life

For the first time

Since the last time

I saw you.

I wept on your shoulder

The tears streaming down my checks

I let the Creator

Fill my heart with

The beauty of your soul

The joy of your life

The love of your friends and family

And all those precious to you.

I felt the healing

Which you so much want us to feel

I saw

How the sadness and the pain we hold

Breaks your heart

How now you are at peace

At how now you stand beside me.

With your hand on my shoulder.

We weep together

As I finally say yes

To allow

My pain to be released, healed, and sent to Creator’s light


Only the beauty

Of every day

You ever spent

On this earth

Of every moment

I spent with you.

Thank you Mike.

Thank you.

                                                                 5:39 am, May 4, 2015 Wakefield

 This poem is dedicated to the family and friends of Mike Orr, and to anyone who has ever lost anyone dear to them, whose world has never been the same since their passing. Blessings be to you from the Creator.  May you find the joy they wish so much for you to have. May you find the blessings of their life that will always live on, for they live inside every one of us. One.


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