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Rejection Judgements

How quick I have become
at writing you off
all those parts of my life
I decide no longer fit
with who and what I am.

But what if this wasn’t right
What if I was only hiding from myself
Conforming to a false god
A false image of humanity . . .
Hardening my heart for nothing?

What if the rejection judgement
Was only a weak substitute for Wisdom
Wisdom, who stands side by side with Compassion.

When I behold my life with Wisdom and Compassion
There is no judgement
And nothing to reject
Nothing and no one to leave behind
Nothing to refrain from doing
Who I am becomes much deeper
There is nothing to hide
There is just me and you
and the other billions of people on the planet
and the whole of the rest of Creation

Wakefield, 5: 30 am, Tuesday, May 20th, 2015

Creator of all that is, it is commanded that all the lost bits and pieces of my Soul, from all generations of time and eternity and between time, be sought, found and released from where they are, and cleansed and returned to me.

Oh, how I have missed you, oh, how I welcome you home with all my heart, soul and mind. Be well. Welcome! Let us rejoice and make merry! It is a time for celebration, rejoicing, bursting with joy. You are home!

And wherever in me be there bits and pieces of the souls of others or any other part of Creation, however, whenever or why ever you came to me, it is commanded that you be released from me, cleansed with Creator’s light, and be returned with unconditional love and compassion, to be a gift of healing, of reverence, to enrich and bless your life.

May you be filled with loving kindness
May you be well
May you be peaceful and at ease
May you be happy

Here ends the lesson. Thanks be to the Creator.


When you are ready

Healing myself and others

Letting the love in to where it is needed

Finding the cracks in the armour

The pathway in.

Our bodies may be hard as rock

But filled with impenetrable spaces

That hold water like a sponge.

We coat the rock

With water repellant paint

Thinking we can keep it out.

But time, the sun, the harsh winter and storms

Slowly work their magic

To tell us

That we can only resist for so long

Before we allow

That love

To enter every cell of our body

On every level

In every area of our lives.

Will you let in this love right now?

Do you feel ready?

. . . Would you like to know what it feels like to feel ready, to feel it is safe to feel ready, that you are allowed to reel ready, that you deserve to feel ready?

. . .  as I write there is a glow I feel, an energy flowing through me; there is a sense of the entire world standing all as one, surrounded by a presence, the air permeated with unconditional love, patiently waiting for us to say ok to let it in, be it slow or fast or just one molecule at a time, all that matters is to know that one day we will say yes.

Blessings be upon you and your life

Wherever you are at

Whenever you are at


With time the Earth is changed

Mountains and rocks are worn down

And new ones form

But the Earth continues

As does the soul of every person

Who has ever lived.

Thank you for your life

Whoever you are

Wherever you are

For we are one.

Morning meditation, May 13, 2015 Wakefield

After the passing

 – To anyone who has ever grieved

There is peace now

Mike: how I loved you

How part of me died with your passing

The loss

Of everything you represented

The pain I saw

In your father’s heart

Your family

Your girlfriend who I never met

I remember her tears and brokenness

I remembered my judgement against you

For dying

For leaving so many behind


Mike: so many memories

From a time that could never end

The invincible time of youth

When nothing can stop us

Where the incredible bond we shared

Could overcome any obstacle

Any barrier

And how all that ended

When you died.


Mike: today I spoke with you

I saw you pass to Creator’s light

I saw the incredible beauty

Of your like on earth

I saw how that was

how much life

You had been been given

I celebrated that life

For the first time

Since the last time

I saw you.

I wept on your shoulder

The tears streaming down my checks

I let the Creator

Fill my heart with

The beauty of your soul

The joy of your life

The love of your friends and family

And all those precious to you.

I felt the healing

Which you so much want us to feel

I saw

How the sadness and the pain we hold

Breaks your heart

How now you are at peace

At how now you stand beside me.

With your hand on my shoulder.

We weep together

As I finally say yes

To allow

My pain to be released, healed, and sent to Creator’s light


Only the beauty

Of every day

You ever spent

On this earth

Of every moment

I spent with you.

Thank you Mike.

Thank you.

                                                                 5:39 am, May 4, 2015 Wakefield

 This poem is dedicated to the family and friends of Mike Orr, and to anyone who has ever lost anyone dear to them, whose world has never been the same since their passing. Blessings be to you from the Creator.  May you find the joy they wish so much for you to have. May you find the blessings of their life that will always live on, for they live inside every one of us. One.

The Spider Web

Seeing a bug caught in a spider web

The spider trying to approach

Finding it hard

because the moving insect is shaking the web

Making walking difficult

Can I watch this scene

Without taking sides

Without attachment to the outcome

Without presuming to know what is for highest and best

Without seeing myself on either side

Without projecting my perceived reality

Onto this situation?

I have done this much of my life

Projecting my perceptions of who and how other were

Onto who and how I am . . . .

Would you like to know

What it feels like

To let the spider be the spider

And the bug the bug?

And that is all

Neither good nor bad

Right nor wrong

Oppressor nor oppressed

The saviour

The teacher

The way

The truth

The life . . . .

There is just a spider walking on a web

Doing what spiders were created to do

In the way they were created to do it

And the bug?

What would you say?

May 3, 2015 6 am Wakefield