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So what does God have to say about this?
If there is injustice
Should I try to fix it?
If someone yells at me,
Do I yell back? Curse or malign them?
Do I turn the other check as Jesus said?
Is there another way?
Jesus, descend from Sky
Find me here where I am
I wait for you.
I have waited a lifetime to learn the answer
I have asked every sage, guru and guide I could find
I have travelled to the four corners of the Earth.
I have even asked You
You who cursed and blamed Me
Till I no longer believed myself worthy
And here
Here is the answer
The answer I always knew
The answer waiting patiently for me to be ready for it
Descend into Flesh
There is nothing that is not known
There is only You and Me
Two worlds but one meaning
Ready to unite
To become One flesh.
I stand and look
I see all things
All the mysteries of existence
The answer does not exist on this plane
Only Ego lives here.
Ego, why were you born?
What purpose do you serve?
Your power is strong
When I place your yoke around my neck
And strap myself in
Are you there to teach me that my bondage is voluntary?
There are far crueler masters than you
I will forgive you for having been created
I will forgive you for celebrating my choices
For not stopping me from embracing suffering.
I step through the curtain which was torn in two.
I walk into the Light

Sat June 22, 2013 3 pm



There is time right now

To write a poem

To connect to myself

Who I truly am

There is time to heal, to surrender, to let go

What is the answer that waits for me?

What is the role that I will play?

Today my previous life ended

My world and all that it had in it dissolved

I let it go. I had no more need for it

I had no more need for fear and uncertainty

I had no more need to play the game

I walked into a new life

Where Love abounded

Where the waters ran still

The rain fell and watered the Earth

Softly, gently, filling my cup

The master left, her work complete

I merged into Now, the State of Being

I observed from a new reality my old self, still intact

Lost in endless dramas.

I let healing come by forgiving myself of all things

I forgave as Christ does

And was born into a new life.

I saw the words of Jesus with fresh eyes

And truly understood them for the first time

They were real, they were holy

There was no longer any contradiction

Here I lie, a new being

Recognisable but not,

Able to heal the Soul’s longing through intention

Able to heal you, and to heal me

Today my new life begins.

Teach me, hold me, let us be one

One with all things


 June 10, 2013 10 pm

 The Holy Spirit burst forth upon me

It swirled and like a tornado

Grabbed hold of and carried off all that was not pure

Leaving behind the Void, an empty shell

A shining diamond radiating God’s love

Leaving only life in all its glory

A cathartic rupture, rapture

The process is now complete.


This is the next stage on my journey

The missing piece

I align my heart and mind with all that is pure

True and right

I stand in the Light

Where all is known to everyone and everything

Every word, thought and deed.

There are no secrets

No lies to defend or cover up

Nothing to hide

Nothing or no one to blame

I become free, powerful and majestic

I take responsibility for everything

There is no fear

No doubt, no guilt


Breath it in, feel its vibration

Be pure

Be holy

Be complete

Be you

Be Me.

 June 1, 2013 7:30 pm

I can tell

 I can tell

When it’s God or me writing

By what and how it’s said

By how I feel when I write it

By how I feel when I read it.

It is real

It is deep

It is something I never thought of before

Or a way I never considered

It is bold and daring

Sometimes sensual

Sometimes moving

It feels good

It resonates inside

It doesn’t matter if the mind can’t make sense of it

It doesn’t matter, it simply doesn’t

It just is

That is why it was born

To be

Just like you

Just like me

Just like us all.


Apr. 22, 2013, 5 am

Bouncing on and off

Bouncing on and off

All day yesterday
Something was off
I spent the day resisting my resistance
And woke up with it again this morning.
Standing with my feet about 3 inches from a wall
I leaned back ever so slightly until
my shoulder blades just touched
and in that position
I asked what is it that had thrown me off
and with that question came the release
and the answer became irrelevant.
I rested in that release, feeling my mind
become clearer and clearer
and myself become happy again
All is well, whole and complete
The cycle of life and death
up and down
sleeping and waking state
me and you
on and off
in and out.
All is as it should be
As God intended it.

May 27, 2013 5 am



It has been a week since I heard from you
How have you been?
Where are you now?
How goes your reintegration
Into your old world
Into your old life?
I have been there before
Tasted the blissful state for a moment
And then lost it again
Not realizing that it is always there
It exists independently of me
Just below the surface of my awareness
Waiting for me to return to it
Having tasted
It remains,
Knowing I will be back
When I am ready
When I let myself
When I surrender to the sweet still place
That is me
That is You.
That is God.
Come join me here.
Come join me now.
It is time.

Know this is true. Feel it in your heart. No matter what happens today, what yesterday brought, what is yet to come. Only now matters, this thought, this moment, this breath. Only this breath exists right now. It exists for you. It is life. Taste it. Surrender to it. Love it. This breath. This life. “The Peace of God be always with you. And with Thy Spirit”

The Room

There is a room
a very special room
that when I enter it
everything stops
all my problems, worries, concerns
they have no effect on me
they are neither good nor bad
they exist in a different reality from where I am right now
where is this room?
it is here inside my heart
where God lives
where my higher self is
where love is
where time is eternal
this is the only changeless element
it is omnipresent.
today I enter this space
my body expands
until it fills the universe
The Master has spoken.
Open to the teaching.
Live it
Embody it.
It is yours.

June 1, 2013, 6 am