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“Find the thought that resonates inside me”

Rest in these words. Be still with them. Feel the energy flow. Feel my mind clear and become still. Feel the Spirit inside me. This is the state. This is awakening. This is not about me. This is not about you. “Me” and “you| dissolve. There is only expansiveness.


Come Inside, Where God Lives

People come to the Master because they want the answer.

The Enlightened Master gives me the tools I need to go inside,

from where the answers can emerge,

given in a way I can understand them

and that resonates inside me.

That is how I know they are real.

The Master step…

The Master stepped aside and humbly bowed to me. I bowed back, grateful for her blessing and permission to let myself awaken.


You keep telling me to change

How you want me to be

Who you want me to be

Who you wish I were and why.

And what do I tell you?

What will I tell you today?

I will speak from silence

From my heart

I will see your need, your longing.

I will honour you

Your essence

My love will caress the heavens

Bring rain to the desert

Fill the mouths of the starving children

Bring hope to the downtrodden

I will do this because of who I am

Because of who you are

The Master has spoken

I will listen

It is time to rise up

To awaken.


Sat. May 18, 2013

Not Good Enough

When you said that was how you felt

It seemed so incomprehensible


You are so beautiful

So strong

So worthy.

I see it

I know it is true.

Here is a question for you . . .

Can you brush aside the clutter, the dirt, the cobwebs that are covering

the lens through which you see yourself?

Can you gaze deeply into these loving eyes

All the more beautiful from seeing you,

Precious you.

Can you look until you see me no more

Only life

Only now

All the old perceptions fall away

Judgement dissolves

You are beautiful because you are God

How can it be otherwise?


May 22, 2013  Montreal

Coming Back into the World

Sometimes I want to tell you

the how I am that I think you want me to be

to make you feel good about yourself so that you will like me

to not dissappoint your expectation

to do nothing that might make you confront or doubt yourself

lest I be responsable for that.


Fear of what I might say, or think, or feel or do.


I smile at that

I reach out and touch it gently with my hand

Caress it

Breath in softly

I feel my feet become heavier

as the energy flows through me.

I am here

I am home.


Tues May 21, 2013 6 am, Montreal. After the Silent Retreat

To Move the Human Soul

This is why I came, to move the human soul.

I see it now for the first time, finally, after all the years of wondering, of having gotten hints; of the speech I gave where you could hear a pin drop when I was 23; of how the youth group leaders said there was something really special about me in my time with the kids; of Bianca, that beautiful, sweet little 3 year girl who was Bruce this and Bruce that to her mom at home when I was 24; of Chad, my friend, a beautiful spirit who was trapped in an awkward grade 5 moment who blossomed and let his true self emerge; of Sarah, the 6 year old Bolivian girl, who would wait for me to get home “Que vas a cocinar?”; of my despedida with all the kids in the barrio en Santa Cruz on my last night there; of L my love and soul mate, who suffered in my dark years; of P, so extraordinarily creative and gifted, and tormented by the fighting; of M, my first born, whose heart when open is so beautiful, so precious, my pride and joy; of A, my angel, funny, witty, coy, real, honest, my greatest fan; so unique, so special; and E, our little Budda, our Mr. Determined, precocious, defiant, sweet and sensitive, a force for unification; of the dark years when I as a parent of 4 struggled to cope with too little time, too little money, too little time, too little money, too little left inside; and then today, it became clear, why I am here, to move the human soul.

Apr 4 2013 5:47 am.